• Parents and Guardians are requested NOT to see their ward or interview the teachers during school hours.
  • Parents are expected to co-operate with school by enforcing ‘Regularity, Punctuality and Discipline’ and by taking interest in their ward’s progress.
  • They should check the diary and see it, if the work assigned to them is completed before they are sent to school the next day.
  • Parents who are not in a position to meet the teachers when called for, may communicate to school authorities in writing.
  • Any communication made by parents should be addressed to the Principal in the hand book or through a letter.
  • Any communication made by parents should be addressed to the Principal in the hand book or through a letter.
  • Permission to go home during school hours is to be obtained from the Principal on producing an authorised letter by the parents or their representative. Format of the Leave letter is printed in this hand book. Parents are requested to use copies of it, whenapplying for leave.
  • Leave should be applied in advance except for emergency/medical reasons.
  • 90% attendance is required for a pupil to complete the course of study. If a child is absent due to prolonged illness/hospitalisation; leave letter should be certified by a Registered Medical Practitioner. If the student still has 80% of attendance, he will be considered for promotion, provided the performance of the child is satisfactory in Test/Examinations to the required pass percentage level.
  • Pupils should be obedient and behave respectfully even outside the school and make the teachers and parents feel proud of them.
  • Absolute silence should be maintained in the classrooms and assembly hall.
  • a teacher enters the class room, the pupil should standup and will remain so till they are asked to sit.
  • No pupil shall enter the staff room. Teachers will meet the pupil outside the staff room.
  • During working hours student(s) moving from one classroom to other or music room/laboratories/library or play field shall move in an orderly manner and observe perfect silence.
  • Students should retain their assigned place given by class teacher, unless a change is recommended. Rotation & Revolution policy is observed.
  • During school hours, students can leave the class room only with the permission of the teacher. No pupil should be found loitering outside the class rooms.
  • The House Prefects and School Prefects will constitute the Students RepresentativeCouncil. They should set a good example to emulate by their fellow students and juniors through their polite behaviour, courtesy and self-discipline.
  • Parents are requested to deposit the fees of thier ward in time every month. In case of delayed payment `15/- per day will be charged. In case of late reporting after vacation `30/- per day will be charged, as late fee / reporting charges.
  • Attendance of each student on national festivals is must otherwise an action against the child may be initiated.
  • It is optional for each student to get issued Books, Copies and other articles from the Book-Shop ordered for him / her on payment. The School provides these facilities as a service to the students.
  • The admission is meant for one complete session in a class. If a student leaves the school once the school starts for that session, he / she is liable to pay the fee pro-rata. Fees once deposited, is non-refundable, non transferable.
  • The transfer certificate of such students will be issued only if the payment of fee as per norms is made. Application for seeking Transfer Certificate can be made by parents giving one calendar month’s prior notice.


  • Pupil must be at the school premises at least 10mins. before the first bell. Late comers should bring a letter of excuse to be accompanied by parents and give a convincing reason for coming late and also an assurance from the parents that the child will not be late to school in future. If a child is late for more than 3 times in a month without a letter or valid reason, the child will be sent home and parents should meet the school authorities.


  • It is compulsory for all pupils to come to school in neat and clean uniform. Pupil with altered, incomplete or dirty uniform will not be allowed in class and will be sent home.
  • Parents and Guardians are requested to ensure that their children come to school with hair and nails properly cut. Boys with long hair will not be allowed to enter the class. Low waist trousers /piped pants are strictly prohibited.


  • Pupils are expected to take part in all co-curricular activities of the school. No one will be excused without prior permission from authorities. Parents are requested to guide & help their wards for CCA.


  • A STUDENT MUST SPEAK IN ENGLISH. He / She must communicate withhis /her teachers, friends and others in
    English which is the medium of instruction and lingua franca.
  • He / She must come to school in proper prescribed school uniform along with required books and almanac. He /She must never come to school without properprescribed school uniform even during PTM and functions.
  • He / She must come to school regularly and reach his / her class punctually. He/ She should take his / her tests without fail and should do homework regularly. He/ She must never come late to the school. He / She must never be absent from the school without sanctioned leave or from class without an out pass.
  • He/She must move in disciplined and orderly manner while moving from one place to another in the school.
  • Pupils are strictly forbidden to bring transistors, Cell phones and objectionable books into school. Pupils are responsible for the custody of their books and belongings. They are advised not to bring valuable article, heavy cash or wear gold jewellery. The school will not be responsible for the loss. If any student is caught with heavy cash during surprise check, T.C. will be issued forthwith. He / She must never bring costly items like expensive watches, cells, electronic items, CDs, I-Pods or cash etc to the school. He / She must never come to school riding a scooter, motorbike or a four wheeler.
  • Irregular attendance, disinterest in studies, disobedience to teachers, malpractice, misbehaviour are sufficient reasons for punishment and even dismissal from school. Students are forbidden to organise parties in hotel or taking part in activities during school hours or after school hours in school uniform. He / She must never organise the celebration of birthday in the class room / hostel or in school campus.
  • He/She must never leave the school during the school hours without permission.
  • He/She must never make noise when changing classroom or when the teacher is not in the class.
  • He/She must never run about in the corridors.
  • The name of the student will be struck off the roll if he / she is absent for more than 10 days without permission and Re-admission is based on the sole discretion of the management. He / She must never invite friends, strangers to the school.
  • Promotion is based on continuous assessment of the pupil throughout the year. A Pupil who fails to appear in any particular subject will not be ranked with the rest of the class for the examination.
  • He / She must never stay back in school when not required by teachers or without the knowledge of parents.
  • Students who do not take leave rules seriously and absent themselves for a long period will severely dealt with and T. C. will be issued. He / She must never lendor borrow money or give / accept presents in the school.
  • He/She must never carry any explosive material / harmful objects threatening the life of the students.
  • If Science Record book/Homework/Class work/ Assignment or Project Work are not submitted on specified dates mentioned by teachers, the student may not even be allowed to appear in the Terminal/Annual Examination.
  • Without Prior permission from the school authorities, no student / group of students is allowed to collect funds in cash/Cheque or from any source. Parents are expected to advise their ward. “Any violation of rules will result in dismissal, with issuing of T.C.
  • They should always be polite to others in and out of the school.


  • Wilful destruction of school property.
  • Use of abusive/ objectionable language with students, teacher or other employees. Ir respectful behaviour towards elders or quarrelsome attitude towards fellow students.
  • Disturbing the peaceful atmosphere of the class by riotous behavior insisting other students and not allowing the teacher to perform his / her duties.
  • Stealing or causing injury and harming student by uncontrollable anger.
  • crackers within the school premises and pouring colours inside the school or writing on walls.
  • Absenting oneself from school without the knowledge of parents and school authorities may lead to suspension of a child from school.


Please note that these are minimal responses:

1 Breaking Dress Regulation:
First Offence Reprimand with compulsory physical exercise.
Second Offence After-school detention for one hour.
Third Offence Third Offence
2 Vulgar Language:
First Offence After-school detention for one hour.
Second Offence Suspension from school.
3 Bunking the Classes:
First Offence After- School detention.
Second Offence In-school suspension for a day.
Third Offence Conference with parents
4 Loitering is Unauthorized
First Offence Reprimand from the Vice-Principal/Head Master
Second Offence After-school detention for one hour
5 Leaving Campus without Authorization
First Offence After- School detention for one hour
Second Offence One day in-school suspension
Third Offence 3 Days out-of-school suspension
6 Insubordination Penalty will be appropriate to the situation ranging from conference with parents
to 3 days out-of-school suspension
7 Assault and Fighting Penalty will be appropriate to the situation ranging from in-school
suspension,conference with parents and out-of-school suspension
8 Destruction of school Property
First Offence Recovery of the cost + 10%
Second Offence (Recovery of the cost + 10%) and 3 days out-of-school
9 Theft Penalty will be appropriate to the situation ranging from conference with parentsto 3
days out-of-school suspension plus rustication
10 Bringing Radio, Jewellery or costly Items to the school
First Offence Confiscation for a week
Second Offence Permanent confiscation
11 Driving to school Impounding of the vehicle and 3 days out-of-school suspension
12 Possession or Use of Explosive
First Offence Detention during breaks (3 days out of school Detention)
Second Offence Expulsion
13 Not Bringing class study materials including home work
First Offence Detention during breaks
Second Offence Detention after School
Third Offence Conference with parents / Suspension
14 Misbehaviour with the Teacher Punishment appropriate to the situation, which includes cancellation of aparticular paper


No leave of absence is granted except prior written application from parents or guardians for a valid reason only.

Every absence (due to sickness or otherwise) must be entered briefly in the Non-Attendance and Leave record pages provided in the Almanac and signed by parents or guardians. In case of absence due to sickness, application must be supported by an authentic Medical Certificate.

Parents are requested to send a leave application if the child has to be absent for more than one day. If no information is received, the class teacher is expected to send information to the parents.

A student returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease should produce a Doctor’s fitness certificate permitting him/ her to do so. A student suffering from the following disease must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to class.

a Chickenpox Till the scabs fall completely.
b Cholera Till the child is completely well
c Measles One week after the rashes appear.
d Mumps Until the swelling is subsided.
e Whooping Cough Six days

Those absent without sanctioned leave will pay a fine at the rate of Rs. `30/- per day. Boarders will have to pay a fine of Rs. `50/- per day for the same.

A clear calendar months’ notice in writing or a month’s fee in lieu of notice, must be given before the pupil can be withdrawn. Those who leave school in April must in all cases pay the Annual charges & the tuition fee pro-rata. Transfer Certificate is issued only, when all the dues of the school are settled.

A student can be asked to leave the school on the following grounds:

Indisciplinary act unsatisfactory progress in studies and repeated detention in the class.

A child who fails twice in the same class, will not be permitted to stay on in the school, especially if he/she is overaged for that class.

Indiscipline,irregularity in attendance, damage of school property, non-payment of school dues, unauthorised absence from school for more than six days are sufficient grounds for issue of compulsory T.C. (Transfer Certificate).