House system plays a key role in the scheme of education environed by O. P. Jindal School, Savitri Nagar. The followings are the major objectives that we strive to achieve through the house system.

  • To provide a smooth transition from home life to school life for all students.
  • To create and use social situation so that children’s social and emotional needs are fulfilled.
  • To enable students to integrate themselves well in the corporate life of school.
  • To enable students to prepare themselves for playing different role as member of a group, community or society.
  • To inculcate the sense of responsibility to take one’s tasks and duties in life earnestly and discharge them to the best of one’s abilities.
  • To help every student develop his/her personality and integrity.
  • To develop the spirit of healthy competition among students.
  • To inculcate the qualities of self dignity self confidence and respect for others views and opinions.
  • To develop a sense of belongingness among students and to create desire to live in harmony.
  • To benefit from right example set by others and to set similar example for others.
  • To inculcate among students respect for seniors, elders, teachers and a caring attitude towards juniors and fraternity towards all.
  • To learn live work, endure and enjoy together and develop a degree of sensitivity for their feelings and needs.
  • To inculcate among students personal social and national values.


In this full-fledged school the students are grouped in to four houses. Each houses has its flag, badge, T-Shirt etc. The four houses are named as Neer, Vayu, Vyom & Agni.

The house system is like a large joint family made up of four smaller families each with its distinct identify and all guard of a common end. The house system strives to achieve their goals by providing a secure and affective social environment with which can easily identify oneself and take pride as its recognized members. The typical organization of the house system is shown in the figure.

House House Master/Mistress
Agni House Mr. Rijo N.C. / Mrs. Manju Sharma
Neer House Mr. T. P. Rao / Mrs. Babita Singh
Vayu House Mrs. Shashi Chakraborty / Mrs. Mala Dey
Vyom House Mr. Virendra Tripathi / Mr. U. Shrivastava