O. P. Jindal School has got the affiliation of National Bal Bhavan – An autonomous Institution set up by the Govt. of India, Kotla Road, New Delhi- 110002 with a noble vision to develop creative thinking among children through non- formal educational activities which will inculcate in them confidence, self reliance, secular attitude and love for values.

National Bal Bhavan is an institution which aims at enhancing the creative potential of children by providing them with various activities, opportunities and a common platform to interact, experiment create and perform according to their age, aptitude, and ability. It offers a barrier-free environment with immense possibilities of innovation minus any stress or strain.

JINDAL BAL BHAVAN at OPJS aims at being a Creative Resource Centre for the children of this locality in order to develop in them leadership and creativity through training Courses, Work Shop, Demonstrations, Seminars, audio-visual programmes, Movie Shows, One-act Play, Skit, and other activities.

Moreover, Jindal Bal Bhavan indoctrinates the sense of right and wrong and train them to adopt basic moral values of life so as to make them better human beings.

OPJS sends its teachers to attend National Work Shops and Training Programmes conducted by National Bal Bhavan, New Delhi. These teachers work as resource persons for Jindal Bal Bhavan.